Air Co unveil world's first carbon-negative vodka

  • carbon-negative vodka

An American company have developed “the world’s first carbon-negative vodka.”

Air Co have invented a process which converts carbon dioxide into the spirit.

C-founders Stafford Sheehan and Greg Constantine source glass bottles from Illinois and labels from New York. The carbon footprint resulting from the stickers has been calculated and is being balanced out by the manufacturers planting trees.  

Recyclable packaging is also being used to distribute the vodka, which includes a custom-made glue that allows Air Co’s label to be removed without residue so the bottle can be reused. The biodegradable adhesive is designed to withstand water and freezing conditions.

We're still 0.75 kg carbon negative after conversion

"The capture, purification, compression and transportation emit around 0.1 kg of CO2 per 1 kg of CO2 that comes through our door, so our CO2 is 90 per cent carbon negative when it arrives before we do anything to it," the company said.

"The carbon impact of the solar electricity we source to make the hydrogen adds roughly 0.1 kg of CO2 per kg that we convert.

“The conversion process consumes about half the electricity of the hydrogen, we're still 0.75 kg carbon negative after conversion."

US designer Charlotte McCurdy has also designed a raincoat that claims to be carbon-negative, made of bioplastic derived from algae that capture CO2 from the atmosphere.

"Three quarters of the surface of earth is ocean," said McCurdy. "If we want to break our dependence on fossilised carbon, carbon sequestered by algae and turned into durable materials represents an opportunity we cannot ignore."

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