Working from home: 5 bimstore essentials

By now, the majority of us will be working from home for the foreseeable future.

We all have our own tips and routines to maximise our productivity from whichever room we’re working from, but one we all need is the right furniture.

bimstore is full of products from industry-leading manufacturers that have been built with your comfort and productivity levels in mind. So, we’ve examined a few of them in closer detail, with the hope that you can take some inspiration for your own office designs!


Created by Orangebox, the Coze offers a fresh take on key archetypes for a wide variety of environments.

As its name suggests, Coze provides a warm, comfortable and welcoming refuge. The armchairs balance relaxing comfort and a refined postural sit, making them suitable for both working and sitting comfortably for those frequent video meetings.

Find the Coze here


Wiesner-Hager’s award-winning folding table combines minimalist elegance with an innovative design concept.

Yuno stacks easily and compactly without the need to fold the frame so that you can save a significant amount when setting up and dismantling, while also giving you a bit more space outside of working hours.

A single or double plug-in box can be mounted onto the tables, its powder-coated metal casing, provides connections for power such as sockets and USB ports so you’ll never be without power for your work station.

Find the Yuno here


Imagine if your chair could make you 5% percent more productive.

What if that same chair could increase your overall level of comfort and keep you comfortable for a longer period of time?

Steelcase Solutions’ Leap office stool was developed based on the findings of 27 scientists, 11 studies and 732 test participants over the course of four years of research.

Out of this research came important discoveries about how people sit, leading to advanced seating technology. It's the first chair that actually changes shape to mimic and support the movement of your spine.

Find the Leap here

We created new production lines to ensure that Do’s highly refined mesh back would be perfect on every single chair

Do office chair

Orangebox’s ‘Do’ is a very intelligent design approach to the classic office chair. It comes in Mesh and Upholstery Mesh finishes. Orangebox describe the chair as innovative in terms of the materials used, the way it’s assembled and transported, and the powerful performance it delivers.

“To achieve both the quality and quantity of production for this high volume task chair, the design and development project extended into manufacturing. We created new production lines to ensure that Do’s highly refined mesh back would be perfect on every single chair,” said the designers.

Find the Do here 

Computer Desk - T02 M1

Zioxi’s product is capable of transforming from a table to a computer desk in an instant.  Simply push down and the computer screen, keyboard and mouse gracefully rise up and instantly convert the standard tables into computer desks with ample workspace in front.

The desks are available in 7 different colours & finishes, ranging in sizes suitable for primary school pupils as well as adults – meaning that it can be especially helpful if you’re home-schooling your children during the lockdown!

Find the T02 M1 here 

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