Why should manufacturers host their products on bimstore?

Manufacturers have a real opportunity to reach audiences they might not otherwise have by simply being on the bimstore platform. 

The chances of being specified are ultimately far greater by making products easily accessible as well as providing all of the necessary information in BIM format. 

An experienced team 

Our team are made up of fully qualified Architectural Technicians with a wealth of BIM project experience, meaning they have the perfect understanding of how content is used in practice. We believe this gives us an insight into the needs of specifiers and manufacturers, therefore, allowing us to build more usable content with the end-user in mind. 

Working in conjunction with the manufacturer, we follow a rigorous process in order to get a manufacturer’s products ready to go live on our platform. This includes working with the manufacturer to ensure that all of the literature is in place before undergoing the creation of content. 

Liaising with the manufacturer throughout the process, we ensure that all embedded data is accurate to the approval of the manufacturer before undertaking a sign-off webinar with a live demonstration of the models within a project. Once all parties are happy the files are then uploaded to the manufacturer’s bimstore profile. 

Specialist support 

Upon joining bimstore, manufacturers will be assigned an Account Manager with whom they will liaise to develop their content and ensure that they are maximising their possible views and downloads. Alongside this, manufacturers will also have direct contact with our Community Manager to plan a joint BIM launch ensuring that the maximum number of specifiers are aware of a manufacturer’s BIM models. 

During the course of a manufacturer’s subscription period, they can access further technical support from any of our team. 

Marketing support 

It is our job to ensure that we make as much noise as possible around a manufacturer’s BIM objects and there are many ways in which we can do this whether it be posting regular manufacturer news, social media, email, or via our built-in marketing platform Connect. 

Connect allows manufacturers to promote their products so that they are more visible to audiences more specific to them as well as uploading their own articles and featuring their logo on the bimstore homepage. 

bimstore is recommended by 9 out of 10 manufacturers after seeing an increase in specification, views and downloads of their BIM objects. 

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