Who is the Banksy of bimstore?

Theories as to the true identity of the world-famous graffiti artist have been percolating for years. But what has Banksy got to do with bimstore?

Intriguingly, it appears that bimstore has its very own BIM Banksy, an anonymous user who goes by the alias Scour Dx. This mysterious bimstore member often disappears and reappears from time to time to release new works and interact with the Revit community. Across various platforms, Scour Dx has several profile pictures, each concealing his identity. From the Monopoly Man to a Stormtrooper to Elsa from Frozen, Scour Dx has us questioning, who is the man behind the curtain? 

A Revit enthusiast, Scour Dx describes himself as,

"Just some guy on the internet torturing himself with Revit 24 hours a day and 7 days a week." 

Content creator and YouTuber, our esteemed member, joined bimstore in 2019. Since joining, Scour Dx has posted over 160 models and curated 14 collections. His incredibly diverse range of Revit objects has been viewed and downloaded by hundreds of thousands of bimstore users. With over 200,000 views and over 45,000 downloads, some of his most popular models are a Shipping Container, Food Truck, and Legend of Zelda Master Sword

From a Back to the Future II hoverboard to Homer Simpson disappearing into a wall, the creativity of Scour Dx objects is unmatched. His Artwork and Pop Culture collections collate fantastic examples of his artistry and imagination. The Scarface film poster, an abstract Mona Lisa, not to mention the McDonald's Happy Meal Boxes; his creations are engaging and fun to scroll through. Not only has Scour Dx created an array of downloadable objects and playful collections, but on his YouTube channel, you can find informative Revit tutorials. 

We have written this article to celebrate Scour Dx's work and desire to help others in the industry. We're proud to have Scour Dx in the bimstore community, and we look forward to what is still to come from our resident BIM Banksy.

We ask not that he reveals his identity but rather to reach out to us.

Want to check out Scour Dx's objects for yourself? Click here to visit his profile and find out more.

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