Webinar Replay: Manufacturer Success Stories: How to Win With BIM

  • Introduction to BIM Webinar: Manufacturer Success Stories: How to Win With BIM
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Introduction to Building Information Modeling

This webinar series was curated especially for an audience concerned with the Australian built environment. A range of industry pioneers revealed how BIM & Revit content is going to transform the world of construction there. It featured practical tips and real-life experience from knowledgeable experts.

In the fifth episode of our series, hear from Ryan Wigham, Associate Director of bimstore, with 23 years experience in the construction environment. He will take you through stories of manufacturers who have utilised Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Revit content to drive their organisations forward, helping them to get specified into more projects.

This session covers:

- A profile of 3 well-known manufacturers
- An explanation of their BIM story
- The importance of working with a professional partner
- A closer look at how they use the bimstore platform
- Chance to ask your questions

Click here to read more about the webinar series.


To find out more about what is happening in the world of BIM and how bimstore are helping companies like yours, check out our Resources section.

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