We are building a community!

We're building a smart community, and with bimstore 4.0, we've added a load of new features to our platform.

The idea behind version 4.0 is to connect specifiers and manufacturers, building an active community around products, BIM and product data.   

Whilst there are many headline manufacturer features on our site such as Data Manager and File Generator, we have not forgot about our users and have rebuilt the platform to focus many of the new features around our community.

Apart from the main ability to download BIM objects, almost everything else is brand new, including:

User Profiles

Everyone on bimstore now has their own profile.  The profile shows other users who you are, and you can choose to display your activity on bimstore, including any collections, discussions and your connections.  You can upload a bio, customise with a header to make your profile more personal. 

Private Collections

BIM Boxes have been replaced with collections - bundles of products that you create, allowing you to manage your content more effectively.  With collections we have now added the ability to invite one of your connections to collaborate on a private collection.  This is perfect for working as part of a team on projects.

We have rebuilt bimstore from the ground up to be a platform upon to build an active community.

Community Collections

You can now make your collections public, meaning that they are available for other users to search, find and download.  Other users of the site can follow your collections, making them notified to any changes you make. Become an influencer in your industry today.

Curated Collections

These collections are curated by the bimstore team and selected 3rd Parties.  We will be creating new weekly collections to keep content fresh.  This means we will have boutique collections to suit all user types, from architects to interior designers.

Message Centre

Email is so 1990, so we have built in a message system where you can message other users (connections) or manufacturers directly through your control centre.

Control Centre

This is the hub of your bimstore account, here you can see a personalised news feed that shows all activity from your connections, manufacturers you follow and much more.

Reward Centre

We appreciate you being part of our community and reward centre is our way of showing you that. Here, you can claim free rewards that are on offer depending on your level. Every user of our community has a tier level, the higher your tier level, the better the rewards will be. We won't reveal our secret algorithm, but we can tell you this: your tier level increases by being an active member of the bimstore community.  You can find your tier level in the corner of your profile picture, across the platform.

Discussion Forums

We know the BIM community love a good discussion, so we have built this feature into bimstore 4.0 for discussions to take place. 

There are numerous smaller features and improvements across the site that you might notice, such as posting your own status within a 140-character limit. 

We would love you to tell us through the forums if you have a favourite feature or a suggestion as to what you would like to see next.

Believe it or not, we already have bimstore 4.1 development in mind.

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