Watch: Willmott Dixon trial EskoVest on site in the UK

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The trial was announced late last year in partnership with California based manufacturer Ekso Bionics.

In October, construction company Willmott Dixon announced it would be using its central research and development fund, funded by Eureka, to invest in the use of the Eksovest on site and across the country.

It was first used working on Cardiff West Community High School, labelled as an "Ultra Site" from the CSS, it was chosen to be the EksoVest's first project due to the range of technical activities required to complete the build.

As a result of the trial period, the company had hopes that it would soon become standard practice, Neal Stephens, Managing Director for Willmott Dixon Wales and South West previously said: "Innovation is in our DNA and this could revolutionise the ability to lift items and perform repetitive overhead tasks.

"The wellbeing of our people and supply chain is always our number one priority and the more we can use technology to support this, the better." 

Today, they posted a video showing how their trial use of Ekso Bionics' EksoVest was reducing the strain and exertion put upon workers on building sites across the industry. Chris White, Build Manager at Willmott Dixon said: "I think it's something unique. I think the exoskeleton is not something we've seen before as an industry and I think it's definitely something that we're keen to implement on-site.

"Who knows what else will come in the future as a result of this at this stage."


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