Watch: Architects' Journal discuss whole-life carbon with architects

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Why does whole-life carbon matter for architects?

With a 12-year deadline looming over the irreversible outcomes of climate change, the construction industry, along with many other factors, is at the heart of what needs to change. 

Sustainability and environmental impact are phrases that have circled for years. But who is yet to actually make a significant difference? Our entire industry. Although every minor change contributes on a larger scale, what have we done to make a significant change?

The manufacturing process to create cement, waste management of our projects and even down to the products specifiers choose to include in their designs are efforts that must now conciously ask the question of how this will have a positive impact on our environment. 

The data cited in the video (created and published by the Architects' Journal) above, illustrates just how important it is to act now. Not on your next project, but as 'a key agent' to these outcomes, to not enable the innevitable outcomes of the direction we are heading towards.

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