Video Case Study: Rointe Heating

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We took a trip to Murcia, Spain, to visit bimstore manufacturer Rointe Heating to talk about the importance of BIM when getting specified.

With a climate crisis well in swing, Rointe has honed in on creating some of the most energy efficient and technology savvy electric heating solutions that the industry has to offer.

Technical Sales Manager, David Ardid told us: “We take part in the whole design process, from the concept design working with our sister company.”

“We take charge of quality testing, development, production, assembly – right up to the customer.”

It allows us to put our products on the map

Ardid added: “BIM for us is very helpful at Rointe, it allows us to put our products on the map that is the project businesses and the construction business.

“In a way we have a piece of furniture, so BIM files are very interesting for this reason. As an architect, for example, can tell the final customer how the whole thing is going to be.”

“Building Information Modelling is now a reality. Back in the day, it was something of the future but now it’s something that’s in every part of the business. So for us it’s very important, with the perspective that we have, that electric heating will be a key part in every building.”

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