Video Case Study: Marshalls PLC

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James Gosden told us why bimstore is crucial to Marshalls and their customers.

Having worked on recent projects including Trafalgar Square, the Pierhead in Liverpool and the Olympics, Marshalls PLC are the market-leading supplier of hard landscaping materials in the UK.

Marshalls’ product range includes everything from concrete products to natural stones and street furniture and by listing their products on bimstore are seeing a whole host of benefits.

Senior Project Consultant, James Gosden told us:

“Marshalls started looking into BIM in 2012 and the following year was when we started to develop our BIM strategy: looking at objects and how we create the right data set behind those objects.

Working with bimstore’s been really important for us

“Our BIM library has over 750 models in it and that’s developing all the time as we get requests for new information and new objects as we’re working on projects.”

“Working with bimstore’s been really important for us,” Gosden continued.

“It’s enabled us to improve the quality of our BIM objects over a period of time; we’ve been able to work with them to refine information and how that’s delivered to the client -  they’ve also given us a really good platform to build on to enable easy access to our clients.

“Customers can have real confidence in the BIM objects we’ve created. We’ve had the BSI come in and assess the BIM objects we’ve created against the physical objects.

"They’ve been able to approve those, which should give customers real confidence in the information we’ve put into these BIM objects.”

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