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Forbo Flooring Systems reveals all on how important BIM is to them in our latest video, Thank Flock it's Flotex!

Having been live on our platform since 2013, Forbo Flooring Systems are constantly making sure they are up to date with the latest  in technology to make sure it's as easy as possible for speifiers to use their products. 

BIM has definitely helped us deliver more to our customers on a digital level.

"For us as a manufacturer, it was really important to be an early adopter of BIM technologies in order for Forbo to be established as a recognised supplier of high quality BIM content.

"When you first embark on a BIM journey, it's always going to be a steep learning curve. You're dealing with an unfamiliar software platform and you're trying to understand and appreciate how your customers, the end users, use that in their day to day working life to ensure that what we are creating and what we ultimately deliver to them meets their needs."

With a product library of over 140 objects, Forbo's commitment to BIM as a global manufacturer shows how vital it is to specifiers. The ability to create, edit and take control of their data at a click of a button is an absolute must to suit the needs of their entire audience.

"We've had over 11,500 downloads of our objects and that grows year on year.

"So for us now, this is definitely an integral part of our sales and marketing strategy."

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