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We recently met up with Deadgood Ltd, creators of 'products with personality', to chat about why they choose to host their products on bimstore.

For a bespoke manufacturer like Deadgood, being truly customisable for clients is a must. With many BIM libraries, this isn't possible due to white card content. 

"Having that ability for a client to change the colour of a frame or a size option was essential to us."

"We originally designed the Tyneside piece for Tyneside Cinema, we started off in Newcastle Upon Tyne and becoming a part of that community we felt was essential." Dan Ziglam, one of the companies co-founders told us. 

Making products like the ones supplied by Deadgood, takes time to nurture the design process, to make sure each is as good, if not better than, the last. It's an extensive process that they say must be perfected before they can even begin to think about how they will deliver the product to specifiers. 

Once they're through this process, Ziglam tells us that this is where the journey really begins. Having been specified in all corners of the world, thanks to the BIM process, they saw the potential in how platforms like bimstore can provide access to hundreds of thousands of specifiers. 

"We trialled out putting our first ranges on there, and it's been a good success. There have been a lot of downloads and a lot of visibility for our products.

"It's about the quality of the models and how they are built and how much detail was put on to those models - as well as how editable they are." Ziglam added.

"We will want every collection to be put onto bimstore."

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