Vectorworks 2021 BIM and design software launched

Vectorworks have launched a new award-winning BIM and Design CAD software, version 2021.

The software aims to focus on quality and performance, as well as offering the simplicity to empower designers.

A new project sharing server is one of the big new features, also a new 5x performance of its Vectorworks Graphics Module (VGM) has been included.

New for 2021

The product line in its entirety has been updated, with Vectorworks series Architect, Landmark, Spotlight, Designer and Fundamentals, as well as new 2021 versions of Vision, Braceworks and ConnectCAD.

The new edition is a “continuation of commitment to provide best-in-class design and BIM tools to professionals,” said CEO Dr. Biplab Sarker.

Interoperability capabilities have been added meaning users can now import and export from Excel as well as using PDF drawing marker links. A new user-interface/user-experience (UI/UX) feature called Smart Options Display helps to bring the software’s efficient tool palettes to where the mouse is on the page, speeding up the process by ensuring the user doesn’t need to move the cursor all the way to the docked palettes.

Other notable features

  • True Materials – adds sophisticated building data and quantification features
  • Structural Grid – streamlined way to maintain structural grid in all views
  • New Push/Pull Modelling Updates – line tool support makes Push/Pull more user friendly
  • Detachable Tab Palettes – function similarly to Adobe Photoshop
  • Quick Search – find/activate any tool by searching

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