The worlds first human eye resolution VR headset has arrived

With a pixel per degree rate 20x anything on the market and world leading eye tracking capabilities.

The leader in industrial grade VR/XR headsets, Varjo, have announced the first human-eye resolution headest designed for industry professionals in architecture, construction, design, engineering, simulation and training.

The VR-1 kit has a resolution of almost 60 pixels per degree, more than 20x any other headset available on the market. It also features the world's most advanced integrated eye-tracking technology, enabling high-precision analytics and interaction with human-eye resolution VR content.

A team of over 100 engineers, developers and designers with backgrounds at Nokia, Microsoft, NVIDIA and Intel have developed the product over the past 2 years utilising Varjo's acclaimed optics and patented technology. 

VR-1 marks the start of a new era in virtual reality for professionals.

Urho Konttori, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Varjo, said: "The entire Varjo team has been hard at work for 2+ years to make nothing less than the best headset on the planet.

“Nothing has been left to chance, nothing has been compromised and we are delighted that the response from our partners has been overwhelmingly positive. VR-1 marks the start of a new era in virtual reality for professionals.”

Early access partners such as AirBus, Audio, Bohemia Interactive Simulations and others, have already been collaborating with Varjo to optimise the VR-1 for their respective use-cases.

“Premium cars can only be made with premium tools. To design in virtual reality, we need the high resolution of the Varjo device. With this high resolution there is a seamless transfer between the real world and the virtual world,” said Jan Pflueger, Coordination Augmented & Virtual Reality at Audi.

Varjo has raised a total of $46M USD in funding to start production and global shipping of the VR-1, in cooperation with the world’s leading Original Device Manufacturing partner, Flex®. Later this year, a Mixed Reality Add-on to the VR-1 will be introduced, enabling seamless transition between real, virtual and augmented content. 

But for now, here are a couple of key features included in Varjo's revolutionary product: 

  • Bionic Display. See and create details that were previously unseen. Varjo’s Bionic Display™ sets a new standard for high-end professional VR work with iconic human-eye resolution visual fidelity, where every detail, shape, contour, text and surface of a design comes into never-before-seen focus.
  • Industry-leading 20/20 Eye Tracker. With a sub-degree accuracy, Varjo’s proprietary 20/20 Eye Tracker is the most advanced and powerful stereo eye tracking technology ever integrated into a VR headset – delivering unmatched precision and accuracy for interactivity, data collection and analysis in human-eye resolution.
  • Photorealistic virtual workflows. Supporting major professional 3D software tools and engines (already including Unreal®, Unity®, Autodesk® VRED®, PREPAR3D, ZeroLight, and VBS Blue IG), VR-1 takes graphics to new heights in real-life visual fidelity. A powerful Varjo SDK also enables integration to custom 3D engines. 

The incredible visuals provided by Varjo VR-1, combined with the industry-leading graphical power of Unreal Engine 4, show an exciting future for high-end visualization 

- Simon Jones, Director of Unreal Engine Enterprise at Epic.

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