Stelrad Radiators specified for Center Parcs in Ireland

When Center Parcs decided to launch a park in Ireland at Longford Forest near Ballymahon, they wanted the best quality products incorporated into their famous cabins.

Being open all year round – apart from when COVID-19 struck – they needed good quality heating systems to ensure that families were comfortable in the cooler months of the year and that there were facilities for drying clothes after rambles through the forest setting.

When it came to selecting the radiators to provide the warmth for the visitors, they chose the Vita Deco radiators from leading radiator manufacturer, Stelrad. Eighty-five of these excellent modern radiators now adorn the cabins across the site providing heat for the guests. They were installed by Walsh Mechanical in the bedrooms and lounge/dining rooms that are part of every cabin in the Parc.

Chris Harvey, Head of Marketing at Stelrad, said: “We are pleased that our radiators were selected for this prestigious project in Ireland. Our Vita series of radiators has taken off in a big way across the UK and Ireland with most installers selecting them for their new and replacement heating system projects and the selection of models available within the series makes it really easy for specifiers and installers to choose the radiator that is right for every application.”

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