Staircraft able to "get ahead of our competition" with help from bimstore

The manufacturer's 3D preview app creates an easier way to install their products perfectly, first time.

bimstore manufacturer, Staircraft, is the market leading supplier of timber staircases to the UK's major house builders. 

Having been supplying staircases for over 30 years now, the manufacturer has worked with us to creat an app which ensures installation is is quick and easy as possible for customers.

Neil Wycherley, Technical Manager, said: "Our BIM journey started a number of years ago when we started to encounter some pressure from some of our bigger customers who wanted us to provide them with Revit output files of our products that they could drop into their house types

"As we are now well on with BIM we see that we are now getting interest from other customers who have just started their BIM journeys and it would appear that they see some merit in working more closely with us as we are already to provide what they need in terms of model accuracy."

By finding a listed product or simply scanning the QR code on the packaging, the app will allow you to open up interactive 3D models of Staircraft's products so that you can deploy them on-site, in the correct manner, first time. 

Wycherley added: "Things have been done quickly to what we needed, when we needed it and has allowed us to in some cases get ahead of our competition."

Working with Staircraft, bimstore, alongside Space Applied Technologies, have designed the app and the 3D models, stitching them together to create a seamless interface for everyday use. The app also includes product guides and further information about the manufacturer.

Download it now, available for both iOS and Android

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