Sotech Launch SO:VR

A pioneering way of sharing ideas and making critical decisions, virtual reality is set to become an integral part of any design process.

Innovatively, one of our bimstore manufacturers, “has entered the metaverse." Live and ready to experience, Sotech’s rain-screen cladding systems can now be viewed in VR.  

SO:VR allows users to examine virtual replicas of Sotech's market-leading products. 

Sotech invites customers and suppliers to explore their virtual showrooms and 3D models from the comfort of their own spaces. Bridging the gap between seeing the system on a web page and being physically on-site, SO:VR provides its users with a new avenue to explore their optima systems. While inspecting each optima system, users can access system information; including fire safety certification, CWCT testing information, and informative case studies. Each system and its substructure can be reviewed, edited, and compared with ease, allowing customers to make more informed decisions. 

SO:VR features include: 

Material and Finish Customisation

A user can change the colour and material type using the helpful user interface. This can be RAL colours or more specific brand names of colours closely matched to real world examples.

System Assembly and Dissambly

Each system can be inspected in detail and information is given on specific features that the user might find useful.

Real-time Visualistion

See high-rise examples of each system and be able to customise its material and colour, removal of panels and substructure with information guidance also available on these buildings.

Helpful Support

During the experience you will be guided by various prompts and NPC’s – if you need to talk to a real person just give us a call and someone will help you as soon as they can.

“Our intention is to help inform conversations and decisions made by architects specifying rainscreen cladding systems. Imagine, for example, being able to pick up, rotate and examine a range of rainscreen cladding systems in real-time, or being able to see how that panel looks. All of this is possible through 3D and virtual reality technology, and Sotech is way ahead of the curve; building the foundations of its part of the metaverse today for its customers and clients. SO:VR is the future of sales and marketing as more and more users acquire VR hardware.” 

-Claire Ryan, Sales and Marketing Manager of Sotech.

“Using VR to view a design while it is being created will be commonplace and used to share ideas between colleagues as well as make critical decisions on how the building process will take place and how it affects the surrounding area.” 

- Chris Dutton, the VR system architect.

As time goes on, Sotech plan on developing its 3D and VR application further by adding features and expanding user experience. While in “Early Access”, the experience has a showroom and outdoor city area for the OPTIMA Rainscreen Cladding Systems.

No VR headset? No problem! SO:VR will automatically start a standard 3D version if no headset is detected.  Click here to experience SO:VR for yourself. 

Want to find out more about Sotech? Head to their website, Twitter, LinkedIn, or YouTube channel to discover more. 

Alternatively, check out their Manufacturer Profile and BIM product range here on bimstore! 


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