Rointe Heating: Which heating solutions should property investors choose?

Heating isn’t just a perfunctory item in a property, it provides comfort and well-being as well as warmth.

When choosing a heating solution for an investment property, the needs and desires of the potential tenant or occupants have to be considered, as well as the impact to investors.

‚ÄčTraditionally, the hotspots for property investors were always London and Manchester. However, 2019 is set to see change for buy-to-let investors, with Leeds and Liverpool becoming firm favourites. Identifying the right city to invest in is important, but this is just the first step.

After purchasing the development, renovations begin and investors often wonder which heating solution they should use. It’s an important question that carries implications for the energy efficiency of the property, the potential profitability and tenants desires.

In the past, the decision always came down to two options: old fashion gas central heating or inefficient electric storage heaters.

Electric heating systems have evolved to be smart, stylish and effective

On average in the UK, it can cost over £135 per month for 1-2 bedroom flat utilities. This is a substantial sum for many homeowners and renters. When it comes to making the decision to purchase an investment property, you’re going to need to take utility figures into account, as it will all factor into how much rent you charge each of your properties. If you intend on investing in a large property with up to 50 or 60 units, that could cost up to £8,100 per month in combined utilities alone.

In terms of heating, gas central heating is the popular choice due to the relatively low running costs and familiarity. Nevertheless, gas central heating requires maintenance that can be expensive to proprietors. Each year, installation, annual maintenance, plumbing work and gas safety certificates rack up the pounds.

Electric heating, meanwhile, is safer, has less impact on the environment and requires little maintenance. However, this type of heating is less desirable to potential tenants as they think it’s expensive to run and is affected by building regulations like Part L.

Luckily, for property investors, landlords and tenants, electric heating has evolved into an energy-efficient alternative with all the advantages of the old storage heaters but none of the disadvantages.

What are the benefits of electric heating for property investors?

As a property investor, you should look at the benefits of electric heating for your building.

Electric heating is incredibly versatile as it can be used for both air and water products. The latest developments include effective and fast electrical components, new innovative thermal elements, and amazing state-of-the-art programming features.

How can Rointe electric heating systems help?

Whilst property investors are looking for something cost-effective, stylish and convenient, potential tenants/occupants want top of the range devices with innovative technology and modern designs. 

Rointe have an extensive range of complete heating solutions for any property investor at competitive prices. With Rointe, you can install an entire heating system for any development using just one supplier.


In your investment property, you’ll need a safe and reliable heating system. Did you know that approximately one person in the UK is burned or scalded in an accident every 1.5 minutes?

That’s a statistic that should concern a buy-to-let investor.

With lockable temperature settings and low average surface temperatures, your occupants will be safe and secure. Each of Rointe's products can be remotely locked, with one of their remote controls or via the Rointe Connect app. This prevents unwanted tampering and our electronics have surge protection to protect against unexpected voltage spikes.

Due to the balance between the heating element, thermal fluid and aluminium, the surface temperature of our radiators does not exceed 43ºC once it reaches the steady working rate. The heat is distributed evenly throughout the radiator surface, whereas in other competing products temperature gradients occur, causing variability in the surface temperature and a consequent risk of burns.

Innovative technology

In all of Rointe's products, they include advanced energy technology developed exclusively by their R, D & I Department – Fuzzy Logic Energy Control.

Developed and patented by Rointe, this specialised low consumption technology takes energy optimisation to the next level.

It improves the energy management required to maintain a stable temperature within a variation of only +/- 0.25ºc.

The technology will also predict the amount of energy needed to reach the set temperature, maximising cost savings.

Energy-saving functions

As manufacturers, Rointe are dedicated to helping their customers increase energy efficiency and reduce their energy costs in any way they can.

Not only are their products Lot20 compliant, but they’ve also incorporated a variety of energy-saving functions into their products to help.

The Open Windows function uses an advanced algorithm to anticipate the scenarios that decrease the temperature of a room e.g. an open window. When the product detects a 4ºC temperature drop within a 30 minute time period, it will automatically move into ANTI-FROST mode at 7-8ºC. This means efficient use and prevention of excessive consumption.

The User function allows you to set a limited temperature range with a minimum and maximum temperature for the Eco and Comfort modes. For example, setting 21ºC for the Comfort mode and 18ºC for the ECO mode, the user can only move between temperatures in this range. It’s a useful function for hotels and student residences as it restricts the selectable temperatures and avoids energy waste.

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