OCPP: what is it and why does it matter?

bimstore manufacturer, Sevadis, gives us all the info you need to know about OCPP.

With the number of projects specifying EV chargers rising every day, it's important for specifiers to understand the different elements which make a product functional for the intended client.

we firmly believe in customer choice.

A crucial area to know when specifying EV Chargers is OCPP, the Open Charge Point Protocol. Essentially, this protocol creates an open language between EV charging points and management software systems allowing you choice and flexibility on the software service. These systems manage the online billing and payment of electricity used by the end user. 

Some manufacturers operate their chargepoints on a closed system and are not OCPP compliant.  This means that their chargepoints can only connect with their own bespoke software system and the client is then tied in indefinitely unless they replace the EV Chargers (an expensive job!).  With OCPP compliant charge points, you can mix and match your software systems and find the one best suited to you without having to change your chargepoints.

Sevadis General Manager, Mark Smith said: "An OCPP compliant charge point is advantageous as it creates the ability to choose and change the online billing and management platform provider on demand. This creates competition in the marketplace and keeps service fees low.  In contrast, in a closed system, you are tied in and cannot move to a different billing and management platform provider.   

"At Sevadis we firmly believe in customer choice and a competitive marketplace and that’s why all of our chargepoints are OCPP 1.6 compliant.”

Browse the Sevadis range on bimstore now or head to their website for more information on specifying EV Charge Points.

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OCPP: what is it and why does it matter?

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bimstore manufacturer, Sevadis, gives us all the info you need to know.

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