Mount Lighting expand their BIM product range

Breath-taking interiors require intelligent design, and exceptional lighting is at the heart of any interior experience.

With more than 30 years of industry experience, UK-based Mount Lighting specialises in architectural and commercial LED lighting. Mount Lighting offers various state-of-the-art, intelligent products for the commercial fit-out and electrical sectors, from magnificent architectural lighting to ultra-energy efficient solutions. 

Ahead of industry trends, year on year, Mount Lighting brightens up the market with innovative products that spotlight how impactful lighting can be with creations brimming with dynamic and evocative features.

Whether it's a stunning bespoke installation, decadent art piece or the freshest furniture, lighting should accentuate the features of your design. Clients can achieve revitalised impact and meaning in their spaces and design by focusing on architectural lighting that accentuates specific features.

Take your space to the next level with Mount Lighting and their team of dedicated, experienced, and technically minded designers. Finish your fit-outs with finesse.

With a passion for bringing client ideas to life, Mount Lighting transforms spaces with incredible architectural lighting. Mount Lighting's creative designers and technical engineers work side-by-side to deliver their clients an impeccable service from concept through to delivery. United by a common desire to achieve beautiful interiors, Mount Lighting’s specialists assist clients from initial consultation to delivery. 

Made in Britain, Mount Lighting manufactures and supplies LED lighting that meets the highest quality standards, and their offerings have helped many projects achieve incredible results within the expected timeframes. 

Their flagship product, M-Line, is the ideal LED lighting solution for all contemporary commercial projects. The bold, polished angles of geometric lighting make them a constant trend in the lighting world. Whether recessed or suspended, their geometric shapes look fantastic from any angle and as a central lighting piece.

Nothing less than spectacular, the vastly popular M-Line Slimline Hexagons can be positioned as either a single pendant or grouped in multiples to create a geometric feature with an eye-catching effect.

These lighting designs, often bespoke, are bold and suitable for traditional and contemporary environments where dynamism is key. Where conceptual lighting design is integral to your project, M-Line shines through as the only choice. M-Line bespoke options also include bold shapes such as rectangles, squares, L-shapes, and T-sections. 

Mount Lighting manufactures the M-Line in-house, allowing clients to choose a colour powder-coated finish to match an existing colour scheme or company branding. Exemplifying this, their M-Line range is available in 16 stunning colours.

Utilising the latest LED technology…

Smart lighting is lighting occupants can control from devices such as a phone or tablet.

Mount Lighting's smart LED lighting system is an undoubtedly contemporary solution that gives complete control to those that can access it. Owners can take control via smartphones or tablets using the latest Bluetooth Smart Wireless control unit. From warmth levels to colour options, managing the impact of lighting has never been so simple.


Mount Lighting joined bimstore in 2019 with three of their most popular products. Mount Lighting has since expanded its BIM product range, and now, in 2022, they have added 75 new BIM objects. 

Check out their exciting new BIM range and Manufacturer Profile here on bimstore! Want to find out more about Mount Lighting? Head to their websiteYouTube channelLinkedIn, or Instagram to discover more.

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Mount Lighting joined bimstore in 2019 with three of their most popular products. Mount Lighting has since expanded its BIM product range, and now, in 2022, they have added 75 new BIM objects.

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