Michelmersh bricks specified for Hobhouse Court project

Michelmersh have had their products used in a recent project.

Close to Trafalgar Square, Hobhouse Court has a distinctly contemporary façade which needed brickwork to reflect the richness, grain and materiality of the surrounding vernacular. 

Michelmersh, Britain’s brick specialists, supplied their handmade bricks from their Charnwood factory for the project.

Brisac Gonzalez was responsible for the design and choice of materials and stated:

“For our Hobhouse project, Charnwood was able to provide us with both the desired colouration and the fine, yet imperfect, handmade texture across two distinct complementary blends. 

Most importantly, Charnwood had the technical aptitude and the willingness to deliver the multitude of bespoke shaped and standard facing bricks, all to a consistent quality, which has allowed for the ambitious design of the brick façades at Hobhouse to be successfully realised.”

Each special brick was stamped with its own code to identify its location then packed in reverse for the relevant bay to make handling on site as easy as possible to eliminate errors.

It soon became clear to me that only Charnwood would be able to handle a project of this complexity.

Alastair Gray, E H Smith, explains: “It soon became clear to me that only Charnwood would be able to handle a project of this complexity.

With so many different specials and with some in varying quantities, Charnwood’s handmade bricks offered great flexibility in production and could deliver everything on time. Nothing was too much trouble for the Charnwood team.”

Find Michelmersh products on bimstore or visit their website for more information.

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