Merlyn launch new unique easy-fit shower enclosure

Easy does it… MERLYN have launched a new and unique easy-fit shower enclosure.

MERLYN are constantly striving to bring new, innovative solutions to the shower door market. Following in-depth research with a target installer group, many “pain points” were highlighted. MERLYN developed a range that addressed these issues, and the revolutionary MERLYN IQ was born.

MERLYN are confident to say that MERLYN IQ is the easiest shower door that an installer will ever fit. MERLYN have worked tirelessly to remove the difficult and time-consuming elements from installation:


Slot & lock system – no screws: a completely unique fitting system that requires no screws for assembly unlike standard doors, the profiles just simply slot into place.

No Drilling – There is no drilling required on the profiles or side panels to make adjustments. Instead, simply hand tighten the profile in place using the innovative preinstalled locking system.

Click-on rollers – Rollers come completely pre-assembled and simply click on to the fixing

Assembled on Tray - the ingenious MERLYN IQ easy-fit system allows installers to assemble the door directly on the tray making it a one-person installation.

To view MERLYN's BIM offering click here.

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