Meet bimstore's Newest International Team Members

bimstore is excited to announce that Michael Novak has joined the team as the new Sales Director based in the US, while Tyrone Svendsen has taken on the role of Business Development Director based in Australia.

Hiring internationally is a significant decision for any company, and bimstore is no exception. By bringing on board Michael and Tyrone, bimstore is expanding its horizons and tapping into new markets. As the company continues to grow, it is critical to have a team of professionals who understand the nuances of different regions and can help bimstore navigate the complexities of the global construction industry.

Michael brings a wealth of experience to bimstore, having worked in the BIM technology space for several years. His expertise in sales and marketing, coupled with his knowledge of the US construction industry, makes him a valuable addition to the team. Meanwhile, Tyrone's background in environmental science and construction, combined with his experience in senior roles, makes him the perfect fit for bimstore's business development efforts in Australia.

In this Q&A, we caught up with Michael and Tyrone to learn more about their backgrounds, their first few weeks at bimstore, and their thoughts on the challenges facing manufacturers in their respective regions:


Michael's Answers

Tell us a bit about yourself. Sure. I am a blessed husband, a proud father of two boys, and very grateful for this chance to continue working in the BIM technology space. When I'm not working or with family, I love playing music. Shameless plug, I'm in a local band called Dadbod. It's all for fun so if we play a few times each month we're lucky.  

How have you found your first few weeks working at bimstore? bimstore's culture is authentic and we have A-players all around. It has been great meeting the team and even fun to learn a few new British expressions along the way as well.  

So far, what have you enjoyed most about your new role? I am most encouraged by my conversations with US manufacturers. Ears here seem open to investments that make business sense. I am most excited to continue growing bimstore's customer base here in the states. 

In your opinion, what are the biggest challenges facing manufacturers in the US at present? Global competition, supply chain disruption, compliance, access to capital, and maintaining healthy business revenues are a few consistent challenges for stateside manufacturers. Additionally, there are increasing pressures on US manufacturers to adopt sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.

Do you have any advice for those interested in working with BIM? Absolutely. Start by comparing BIM to any other sales & marketing costs on the company's budget. It helps to ask a few basic questions. What is your goal with BIM? And what will BIM's return-on-investment look like? If you work for a manufacturer who would want its products placed directly into live construction projects, then bimstore is an outstanding partner. Over 500,000 new architects, engineers and general contractors are easily downloading manufacturers' BIM products via bimstore's hub. With all the new business generated, we consistently hear from clients how bimstore is outperforming many other sales and marekting spends.  

What three bimstore objects speak to your personality or interests? Love the question. I'll go with Generator objects because you always need a strong, dependable motor in sales. I have passion for companies helping the environment, so I'll also pick objects from our Green collection, Electric Vehicle Charging objects, and anything with Environmental Product Declarations (EPDS). 


Tyrone's Answers

Tell us a bit about yourself. I'm a very lucky guy, I have a beautiful home in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney near Maroubra Beach with my partner Jane. It's a long way from where I grew up in North Queensland where we were farmers, and my father was a builder. After studying Env Science, I gravitated back to Construction where I have been lucky and had some great jobs in senior roles. Not before some time living in New York, which was an experience being a white guy called Tyrone, so everyone knew me as Jack… which unfortunately evolved into Outback Jack. I've always loved cities though; the food and architecture and I prioritize travel for those things. 

I have lots of hobbies, in my mind I'm decent at them all, in Jane's mind I need too much storage space and just like buying things. I read a lot, see a lot of bands, keep healthy and love talking to people and building value. 

How have you found your first few weeks working at bimstore? 4:00 pm (8 am Newcastle) – 6:00 pm seems to be my window to piece by piece put together my understanding of bimstore. I'm very appreciative of everyone's time. I've been doing plenty of research and believe the Aus market has a lot of potential re under development. I've come to realize my 'Y' for doing this is to help the construction industry become sustainable through BIM data.  

So far, what have you enjoyed most about your new role? For this, I must refer to my previous role. Previously I was the State Manager of a large corporation. I'm not getting 120 emails a day, a call every 5 minutes etc. In my time so far, I've had the space to learn and start developing my strategy for growing bimstore in Aus. I've set myself up with a beautiful office and am really enjoying not commuting an hour in the car both ways. Big environmental advantage! 

In your opinion, what are the biggest challenges facing manufacturers in Australia at present? In the last 5 or so years the Australian construction industry in general has been pushed and pulled so many ways it's hard to know where to start. Though I'd say the following three are the main issues  

  1. Labor shortages – Assembly, Install, Drivers 
  2. Overseas Shipping & Reliability – Rates increased severely during COVID-19 and remains an issue. 
  3. Margin control & profitability – With complex cost bases all increasing sporadically, both the builders and suppliers are struggling to maintain healthy margins. There's been a 'builder crisis' the last 12 months where many long-standing builders have failed due to fixed price contracts, in turn, most of their debtors are construction suppliers. 

Do you have any advice for those interested in working with BIM? My read so far is BIM is currently what good architects can gain access to. However, it's imminent that Mum and Dad customers building or renovating their homes will eventually demand to visualize their proposed space with their selected products present. So, it's coming and there's always huge opportunity in an emerging market. So, get involved to help us get there. 

What three bimstore objects speak to your personality or interests? 

Red, unlimited energy, usually outside. Does everything at speed!!

If I had to become a chair, I'd want to look like this. Though probably with hardwood legs. Can we speak to Orange Box about this? 


Michael and Tyrone joining the team is a clear indication of bimstore's strong commitment towards offering the best possible service to its global clients. With their outstanding track records and skills that align with bimstore's vision and values, they are both invaluable additions to the team.

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