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Manthorpe Building Products have updated their Swift Nest Brick object components on bimstore.

Manthorpe Building Products have updated their Swift Nest Brick object components on bimstore. With over 30 years’ experience in the plastics industry, Manthorpe Building Products have a comprehensive product portfolio available on bimstore.

Manthorpe Building products is now an ambitious and dynamic company in its own right producing its own range of market leading products.

First established in 1986 as part of their parent company, Manthorpe Group, the organisation has since branched out to the area of plastic injection moulding, vacuum forming and extrusion.

Pushing the boundaries of design and pioneering new technologies within the industry, the firm has always strived to produce high quality building, roofing and plumbing products for cliental.

Manthorpe Building Products currently has 12 objects on bimstore with their Swift Nest Brick commodity having been updated recently.

Bird species such as swifts have occupied the cracks and crevices in our buildings for thousands of years, but the improved standard and style of modern construction has put their survival in our towns and cities at risk.

The Manthorpe Swift Brick has been developed in conjunction with major house builders and conservation experts to provide a safe, spacious and habitable area to allow swifts to nest within the well-built construction of modern houses.

Manthorpe - Swift Nest Brick by Bimstore UK on Sketchfab

Wanting to find out more about Manthorpe Building Products and their extensive range of BIM components available on bimstore? Why not head over to their Manufacturer Profile right here!

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