Launch of the Global BIM Network

The Global BIM Summit on the 17th of March 2021 revealed the launch of a new Global BIM Network, building upon the foundation of successful collaborations between governments and regional public sector communities.

The aim of this new international community is to respond to the challenges that face global infrastructure and to realise the benefits of digital delivered by BIM whether it be on public policy, procurement or projects.

The network is supported by the Centre for Digital Built Britain, the Construction Innovation Hub and the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office. It will build upon the progress made by its 2,000 representatives from around 100 countries to transition towards a digital built environment that delivers socio-economic benefits for people and places.

The public sector is undergoing a digital transformation and the benefit of digital is not limited to new projects, it also includes the refurbishment of ageing infrastructure as well as operation and maintenance which enables the information management for digital twins and smarter cities.

The Global BIM Network is about bringing everybody together.

Crucially, the network will connect members that are working on similar projects from all over the world so they can share their insights and what lessons they have learnt.

Anne-Marie Trevelyan, the UK’s construction minister, said:“The digitalisation of construction will create better, more resilient infrastructure while minimising the impacts of climate change. This requires close collaboration between governments and industry, and the launch of the Global BIM Network is a vital next step.”

The Global BIM Platform, an open-access online repository for global public sector and infrastructure funders, will be guided by the Global BIM Network.

Adam Matthews, chair of the Global BIM Network, commented:“The Global BIM Network is really about bringing everybody together. It is not about any individual country or any particular region. It is about bringing all of our learning together and creating better outcomes for people and places. It is a collective, global view that benefits the public sector, the private sector, and a view that ultimately will improve the outcomes for the global built environment.”

To learn more about the Global BIM Network, click here.

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