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Landscape manufacturer Marshalls reveals all on their BIM journey

After seven years, they reflect on the importance of BIM as a manufacturer.

With over 100 years of manufacturing experience, Marshalls PLC is a trusted and leading expert in hard landscaping. But what's the secret to their continuous success? They say it's their ability to adapt, develop and innovate that's partially responsible.

Our customers are at the heart of what we do.

"BIM is also a great demosntration of how Marshalls is moving with the times." They added: "We don't stand still - we're always developing new ways of supporting customers; BIM is a great example of this." 

It's key to Marshalls that they're not only continuously progressing, but that they are doing so with the due care and attention their customers need. Their role has increasingly became tailored towards helping develop and use their BIM models within their specifications. They say:

"Our customers are at the heart of what we do and we aime to provide them with the best service and support we can. BIM models give another dimension to our service by mixing the physical product with a digital twin which allows us to give the best indication of how our products look and work in the real world"

Not only do they seek to show this in their 3D catalogue, but Marshalls also pursue verification from other industry experts, having recently been awarded a BSI Kitemark: "Marshalls always strive to develop and maintain a high level of quality and the BSI kitemark for BIM objects was a goal we wanted to achieve as a stamp of approval for the quality of our BIM content.

"Having the kitemark gives customers that extra element of confidence when they're using our models."

The support that Marshalls have received as a manufacturer, has allowed them to extend their service to their customers: "We have had great support with our content and the direction we wish to move forward with, bimstore are also forth coming with new ideas and possibilities.

"Working alongside bimstore has been a positive experience, it has given us a solid platform to gain new customers and gives us the ability to track statistics regarding our content. We use these statistics to highlight areas of improvement and development.

"On a digital side, bimstore's platform has provided us with an easy to use, online interface, that allows us to manage our BIM content easily and efficiently. From a communications perspective we have built relations with bimstore staff that allow us to resolve issues, discuss improvements and provide relevant technical support when needed."

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