Introducing the PAN8 and SL8 Tile Ranges from Forticrete

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New Content is now available to download from Forticrete..

Forticrete’s has long been at the forefront of Architectural Masonry products including concrete roof tiles, blocks, cast stone walling and dressings. By analysing the needs of an ever-changing market and adding their own technical expertise they develop products that provide an optimum balance of aesthetics, performance and value!

Forticrete have recently launched their latest BIM Components for their SL8 and PAN8 Tile Ranges, now available to download for free on bimstore! The Revit download for both ranges are available in a selection of colours, including: Brown, Red, Slate Grey and Sunrise Blend.

The new ranges use the same system as traditional products but provide a better-looking roof. Both the PAN8 and SL8 ranges are easy to lay, with two nail holes for better fixing flexibility. Their high durability and strength means fewer breakages and the packaging has been designed to reduce damage and waste on-site.

The latest manufacturing technology ensures consistent quality with the manufactured design of the tiles makes loading out onto the roof safe and secure!

Wanting to find out more about Forticrete? Why not head over to their website here, or alternatively check out their Manufacturer Profile right here on bimstore!

About bimstore: bimstore is the UK’s original BIM object library. Developed by specifiers for specifiers, we create and host high-quality manufacturer specific BIM content, making it easy to browse and download the world’s best collection of BIM components. If you need any help with BIM content creation, then get in touch with the bimstore team today.

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