INTRAsystems: New specification guides for Schools, Hospitals and Stations

Maintaining a high level of hygiene, especially now, is a top priority and with entrance matting as your building’s first line of defence, INTRAsystems has authored three new specification guides to help architects and interior designers.

The new downloadable guides detail key elements of entrance matting specification, sector-specific considerations and product advice, alongside real-life case studies.

Separate guides are available for Schools, Colleges & Universities, Hospitals & Healthcare, and Road, Rail & Air.

Subject to frequent intense footfall, with multiple entrances and often tightly managed budgets, entrance matting specifications for these sectors are some of the most difficult specifications to get right.

Aside from the aesthetics, there are also several standards and regulations entrance matting specifications need to satisfy, including BS 7953:1999, which advises on the selection, installation and maintenance of entrance matting, and BS 8300-2:2018 which covers accessibility.

Entrance matting also needs to meet suitable fire safety standards- especially important for high-risk and section 12 locations such as the London Underground.

All this and more is covered in the new Entrance Matting Specification Guides from INTRAsystems.

Guides can be downloaded for free from

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