IKEA will produce more energy than they consume

The group that own IKEA have announced that they will produce more renewable energy than they consume.

The Ingka Group have claimed that their renewable energy now equals more than 1.7gw of power, produced by 534 wind turbines and 920,000 solar modules across its sites in 14 different countries. They also have 700,000 solar panels under construction in the United States alone.

Being climate smart is not an added cost

Ingka Group have invested over £2 billion over the last decade in an effort to combat global warming. More than 400 businesses including big names such as IKEA, H&M, Coca-Cola and Sony have committed to a U.N.-backed initiative to limit global warming to below 2 degrees Celsius.

 “Being climate smart is not an added cost,” said Jesper Brodin, Ingka’s Chief Executive.

“It’s actually smart business and what the business model of the future will look like."

"Everything around fossil fuels and daft use of resources will be expensive.”

The Ingka Group own 367 IKEA stores, 23 smaller-format showrooms and 44 shopping centres in 30 markets.

We’ve seen similar efforts from logistics firm Rhenus recently, as their new office building will produce twice the amount of energy that it uses thanks to the use of solar power.

(image: reuters)

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