IKEA are designing apartments for people suffering from dementia

IKEA, alongside the Queen of Sweden and construction firm Skansa, have started to design 'flatpack' homes which they hope will benefit people living with dementia.

Six apartments will be built just outside Stockholm and residents will only have to pay what they can afford. The buildings will provide mirrorless bathrooms, old-fashioned kitchen appliances and 'therapeutic' outdoor areas for the residents to socialise.

It's believed that buildings these homes will relieve pressure on hospitals as well as reduce costs for the Swerdish government.  They'll be built by BoKlok, a company co-owned by IKEA and Skansa, who share a business philosophy with the furniture giants.

BoKlok was designed the IKEA way: large volumes, low prices. Industrialized production and large volumes

"BoKlok was designed the IKEA way: large volumes, low prices. Industrialized production and large volumes — in other words, repetition — cut prices and save time in planning.," the company have said.

With the global population now living for longer than ever, that also means that governments are struggling to manage the cost of caring for the elderly.

"To take care of elderly people, that cost is exploding," said BoKlok CEO Jonas Spangenberg.

"It's much cheaper for society and the public to give them service back home."

Under the business' "left to live" model, a 25-year mortgage is calculated by taking into account the average salary of somebody in full-time work and deducting tax and monthly living costs to come up with an affordable fugure so that "“a single parent can afford to buy and live in a newly built two-bedroom BoKlok apartment”

BoKlok have also recently announced that they'll be building 162 homes in West Sussex, which will be available from 2021. 

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