How manufacturers can benefit from our partnerships

Ever since bimstore launched ten years ago in 2011, we have been pioneers at the forefront of the construction industry. 

We are always open to working with like-minded companies and organisations who share our vision of digitising the construction industry and making buildings smarter.

We are constantly innovating and that is something that our manufacturers can also benefit from. 

One of the main reasons that our partners decide to join with us is because of the fantastic customer service we offer. bimstore offers an unparalleled service that you will not receive anywhere else and our team are always on hand to ensure that all parties we engage with receive the best experience possible. 

We build close relationships with each of our partners and our manufacturers are also able to benefit from this. We host BIM libraries for many high-profile clients such as Barratt PLC, Lidl, Galliford Try and Travis Perkins. This gives an opportunity for manufacturers that host their BIM content on bimstore to become part of their supply chains, helping to maximise exposure and reach, increasing potential for being specified on even more projects. 

Last year, we partnered with Bentley Systems to allow specifiers to access bimstore content on their ProjectWise Components Center, a digital component library and catalogue management service providing access to project-approved content to be used in specific design application and industries across multi-discipline project teams. 

We are also an approved industry partner of Autodesk. We work together to create innovative software and products for the AEC industry promoting digital construction. 

bimstore is recommended by 9 out of 10 manufacturers after seeing an increase in specification, views and downloads of their BIM objects.

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