Free 'BIM Track' plug-in for EMEA market released by Abvent

The French innovative and design solutions company, Abvent, have announced the latest addition to their product offering. BIM Track will be available for the Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) market.

It is accessible via any web browser and is a renowned issue-tracking platform that enables real-time coordination of BIM projects and teams. It allows for the integration into the leading openBIM software packages such as Revit, Archicad, Navisworks, AutoCAD and many more. A statement put out from Abvent said that users of other solutions will also be able to participate in the coordination if using openBIM file-formats BCF and IFC.

Optimal coordination of projects and teams can be achieved because of BIM Track’s secure web platform, providing smooth and fast communication between users. BIM projects can be hosted to share with other teams as well as centralising all the issues they carry, from their notification to their resolution.

The platform is Archicad’s natural accompaniment bringing together all participants of an Archicad BIM project. To further improve this natural bond, Abvent’s R&D teams have developed a dedicated plug-in that is offered to all Archicad 23 and 24 users.

Abvent further explained that its cutting-edge approach to digital imagery has resulted in products and services that are innovative, powerful and easy-to-use. A company spokesman said that creators and administrators of a BIM Track project, as well as the team members, can coordinate their Archicad BIM projects directly from the Archicad work window.

They have the ability to identify issues in only a few clicks, add comments and ask questions, as well as assigning it to the appropriate user.

In addition to creating and managing various issues, the plug-in will allow the user to publish the latest revision of the model and the associated 2D derivatives to the BIM Track central platform.

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