Forbo Flooring: Tessera Perspective - Rich. Luxurious. Design.

Manufactured using cut and loop technology, the tip-sheared aesthetic of Forbo Flooring Systems’ new high-end Tessera Perspective carpet tile collection delivers a feeling of luxury, making it the ideal solution for workspaces where a stylish, contemporary design is desired.

Designed, manufactured and stocked in the UK, Forbo’s new Tessera Perspective collection features a delicate lattice weave design that has been developed through the use of two different, yet tonally similar, yarns.

This blend of surface textures means that each tile absorbs light differently, creating a rich and opulent all-over visual, which subtly changes from differing perspectives. 

We wanted to create a carpet tile collection that would help blend the boundaries between the workspace and home.

Available in a total of 14 colourways, the palette consists of eight neutral tones and six vivid jewel-like shades, making it ideal for offices where zoning or break out area definition is required, without interrupting the overall visual of the floor. Tessera Perspective can also be easily combined with Forbo’s Allura Flex LVT using the same adhesive or Allura Ease adhesive-free LVT without the need for transition strips, additional profiles or inconvenient sub-floor build-ups, to help create an integrated workspace design.

Donna Hannaway, Head of Marketing UK and Ireland at Forbo Flooring Systems, commented: “As more people begin to return to the office, we wanted to create a carpet tile collection that would help blend the boundaries between the workspace and home, adding warmth, comfort and subtle visual interest to help employees feel more relaxed and at ease – and our new Tessera Perspective collection does just that!

“With a pile weight of 670gsm, the tiles not only deliver the ultimate underfoot comfort but also provide a seamless broadloom appearance when installed in a monolithic layout. In addition to its luxury, high-end aesthetic, our Tessera Perspective collection can also contribute to a more comfortable working environment and the health and well-being of end-users, as it can reduce impact sound by up to 25 dB. It also meets the Ska criteria for M12 soft floor coverings.”

Made using renewable energy, Tessera Perspective contains an impressive 65% recycled content by weight and is manufactured using 100% solution-dyed Refresh by Universal Fibres Nylon 66 and Nylon 6 with 30% recycled content. What’s more, clean installation off-cuts can also be collected for free through Forbo’s Back to the Floor programme.

For further information about Forbo’s new Tessera Perspective collection or to order a sample book, please visit

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