Energystore: Re-Thinking Construction with Free-flowing Insulation

Construction technology is evolving at an unprecedented pace, and building professionals are increasingly looking for innovative ways to improve their projects' thermal performance and efficiency. One of the latest advancements in construction is poured insulation, a unique alternative to traditional insulation boards that is gaining traction in the industry.

Energystore is the market leading manufacturer of TLA® poured insulation. It consists of EPS beads coated in an innovative additive which is mixed with cement and then pumped to location on site. The result is a robust insulation material that offers fast installation, excellent thermal performance, enhanced compressive strength, and is A2 non-combustible.

What truly distinguishes energystore TLA® is as it is a cementitious flowing insulation, it naturally absorbs any unevenness in the substrate, there are no thermal breaks in the insulation layer and gives a continuous solid base to receive the finishing screeds. So much so, that many screed manufacturers will warranty their screeds thinner on TLA® than they would on traditional board insulation.

TLA®+ is a very low carbon product and can demonstrate significant carbon savings on projects. Not only is the manufacturing process for the raw material and bead made with renewable energy, as you can install thinner screeds on top it also saves on CO2 associated with finishing screeds.



Chichester House- MSM

We recently completed the flagship Chichester House project in Belfast, which was comprised of an extension of the existing six-storey commercial space to 8 storeys and over 50,000 sqft. energystore TLA was an ideal floor solution for the project, as it had floor height, weight, and levelling issues. We are not aware of any product that could have solved our challenges so effectively.- MSM

Residential- Due South Development

Clarke Kennedy- 

Since discovering energystore TLA, we have used it in a range of our projects. Springfield Developments are committed to the highest possible standards for our residential developments and are conscious of the environmental impacts of the building materials we choose.

For our Due South Development, we used energystore for their insulation products for both the walls and floors. Reducing the concrete we were using through energystore TLA was a big plus for us as it falls within our aim of making sure we are creating minimal environmental impact during the build and our end user will be creating fewer emissions. Being able to rely on energystore for the insulation just made everything simpler. We trust the products, service and their technical advice.

In summary, poured insulation is an innovative solution that offers numerous benefits to construction professionals. By using energystore TLA®, construction professionals can improve their projects' thermal performance, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness while minimizing waste and environmental impact.

To learn more about Energystore, visit their manufacturer profile and browse their innovative insulation solutions and BIM objects. Alternatively, you can visit their website or find them on LinkedIn.


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