EGGER Advanced Lifetime Guarantee

The EGGER Advanced Lifetime Guarantee covers the structural performance of your finished floor.

With the demand to build more houses (and fast), housebuilders large and small are under pressure to reach targets in a cost-effective manner, without compromising on quality.

Designed to save time, money and manpower, the EGGER Advanced Structural Flooring System provides a logical solution.

The system is based on EGGER’s portfolio of structural P5 grade flooring boards (EGGER P5, EGGER Peel Clean Xtra and EGGER Protect) which feature enhanced moisture-resistant properties and precise, diamond tipped T&G profiling. 

With confidence in the reliability, quality and performance of their Advanced products, EGGER offers a unique Lifetime Guarantee to floors that have been laid correctly. This is the only guarantee that covers the structural performance of a finished floor for its lifetime.

The concept of the system is quite simple, there are three steps to benefit from the EGGER Advanced Lifetime Guarantee.

  1. Simply the best board for the job from the EGGER Advanced range
  2. Use EGGER Joint & Joist Adhesive
  3. Fit according to the EGGER Fitting Guide.

This process leaves less room for errors or mistakes, means faster installation with fewer stoppages, and reduces call backs and issues after handover.

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