EDGE Olympic Amsterdam awarded first-ever smart building platinum certification

Smart Building Certification (SBC) have awarded their first platinum building to EDGE Olympic Amsterdam.

Since the building was launched in 2018 it has been labelled the ‘smartest building in the world’ and it surpasses its predecessor, The Edge, which was also built by EDGE.

EDGE excel in building environment and building performance which involves sustainability technologies. The building itself combines a range of technology that improves utilisation and operations.

Coen van Oostrom, founder and CEO of EDGE, said ‘After developing The Edge in 2014, we set out to further optimise the technology used in creating a foundation for a new generation of sustainable and healthy buildings’. He also added that ‘EDGE Olympic is the first model of this new generation’ and that they are ‘pleased to receive the first Platinum Certification for this office’.

The EDGE Olympic also has a digital twin which means it has a copy of the entire building in a digital format, allowing EDGE to carry out any testing without incurring the risk or cost.

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