Data Manager

Data manager gives our manufacturers the control and ownership of their product data. This was traditionally locked inside native BIM formats.

In the past, manufacturers relied upon expensive BIM software or employed a 3rd party (sometimes us) to update the data that is embedded within their BIM objects - which just was not and still is not practical for many manufacturers.

Upon download specifiers are presented with a choice of which variation they wish to download.

With bimstore 4.0 and our new Data Manager, we have provided manufacturers with the ability to edit, update and modify their product data from within their bimstore administration area, using nothing more than their web browser.

What's even more exciting is that Data Manager also allows the manufacturer to add new product types, variations or SKUs themselves by copying an existing product and editing a variation with different data. This data can parametrically drive geometry which opens up unlimited possibilities to create variations of products with different sizes or configuration options.

Data Manager is also available through our API, which opens up the ability to read and write your product data programmatically (for example, integrating into a manufacturer's PIM system).

Data Manager also has a built-in validation and checking system for all data manipulation which ensures data schema and formats are maintained.  All changes will be checked and approved by a member of the bimstore team before they go live.

*Data Manager is available in our Enterprise hosting package only.

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