Community and collaboration: our partnership with UNIFI Labs

We caught up with UNIFI's COO, Virginia Senf for an update on the collaboration

Just before the launch of bimstore 4.0, we announced a partnership with Las Vegas based, leading BIM content management software company, UNIFI Labs.

The partnership provides UNIFI users with access to our entire content library through our own channel built in to UNIFI’s platform and is yet another way we’re creating the strongest and biggest collaborative community within our industry.

The partnership has greatly expanded the availability of manufacturer content available through the UNIFI platform.

We caught up with UNIFI’s COO, Virginia Senf, to ask how the partnership is going since the announcement, she told us: “The partnership is off to a fantastic start and we’re thrilled to be part of the bimstore community.

“Our AECO customers are very excited about the increased selection of quality manufacturer BIM content and data available to them through the partnership. Having access to approved, manufacturer content that is integrated directly into their existing workflows serves to further increase their design efficiency on projects.

“Content is the foundation of our customers’ design workflows and processes, and the partnership has greatly expanded the availability of manufacturer content available through the UNIFI platform.”

What’s key about the partnership is that both sides are committed to diving deeper into tackling fundamental issues that currently hold the industry back, Senf added: “Our partnership is proactive and very collaborative. We’re excited to be working with a partner that is so committed to solving the deep-seated data challenges that are keeping the industry from realizing the full ROI of BIM.

“We’re looking forward to partnering with the bimstore team on more live events as we head into the rest of the year, as we work to bring the bimstore and UNIFI’s audiences together offline.”

With the partnership flying high, it’s what’s coming in the future that you should keep your eyes peeled for: “We’re looking forward to taking part in bimstore’s upcoming ‘bimstore School’ to share the content management and content governance best practices we’ve garnered through working with the world’s leading AECO firms over the past five years.

“We’ll also be co-hosting webinars to jumpstart the discussion around the key data management challenges facing the industry as stakeholders work to enhance collaboration workflows on projects.  

“As the partnership continues to grow, our vision is that the increased value of our combined offering will enable our mutual customers to grow the business value that BIM is driving for their businesses and clients.

“The more accurate product data that AECs have access to, the greater their ability to create BIM models that help decrease costs and increase velocity on projects. Similarly, manufacturers that have invested in making quality BIM models available to their customers are helping their customers more effectively design with and specify their products.

“Continuing to increase participation in the UNIFI/bimstore community is a critical part of advancing our mission to empower building lifecycle stakeholders through fluid data collaboration.”

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