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Originally founded in Belgium in 1962, Jaga Heating Products was established in the UK in 1991 and is now the country’s leading specialist manufacturer of award-winning, energy-saving, low water content heating solutions. Jaga products include LST radiators, radiators especially designed for use with heat pumps, fan assisted dynamic heating and ventilation systems, trench and perimeter heating solutions and eye-catching designer radiators.

Jaga believes that BIM will radically improve the way buildings are designed, procured and managed. Their initial driver for BIM adoption was their goal to make sure that they were doing everything they could to help construction professionals deliver sustainable and successful projects - and the provision of high-quality BIM information and resources for Jaga’s products and systems was a key part of that.

“From the very first meeting, it was clear that bimstore had the knowledge and facilities to work with us to develop exactly what we needed. Being part of Space Group we were confident that they weren’t merely a software company, but were able to bring their considerable applied knowledge to the table.” Phil Marris, Managing Director, Jaga Heating Products

Jaga works hard to ensure that they provide the very best levels of service and support to their customers. This encompasses great customer service and flexible logistics for contractors, and of course excellent design advice and technical support for specifiers. They wanted to make sure that what they came up with was a really great resource so before they started on their BIM investment, they asked engineers, architects and contractors what they would like to see from a manufacturer of heating and ventilation equipment.

When they committed to providing BIM resources for their range of products, Jaga found it was essential that they found a partner who could help them to provide BIM files with excellent value-added functionality and who was flexible enough to work with them to develop some of those features from scratch.

“Once we gave them the go-ahead to create our files for us, the relationship with bimstore grew thanks to their flexibility and willingness to listen to us all the way through the process, and test new things that they hadn’t done before.” Andy Williams, Technical Consultant, Jaga Heating Products

Jaga had received some great feedback from specifiers about what they were looking for and worked with bimstore to incorporate some really useful features into their files, such as the automatic calculation of flow rates and pressure drops for engineers as well as some great 3D renderings for architects.

Jaga has found hosting with bimstore has been invaluable and have also taken advantage of the bimshelf feature - enabling specifiers to access information direct from their own website. The result is a set of fully functional, feature-rich, easily accessible files that Jaga hope will make life a lot easier for all their customers, and of course help to win business.

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