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We want your input!

Here at bimstore we like to think we’re about more than just great content – we truly believe in helping the BIM community by sharing knowledge and experience. With that in mind, back in September we announced our new series of ‘BIM in Action’ webinars. Since then we’ve delivered two live demo webinars which have been very positively received.

To get the series off the ground, we started by selecting webinar topics that we thought might be of interest – now we’re just at the point of planning our next webinars and we want to hear from you! We know there’s no better way of find out what topics would be of most value to attendees than going straight to the source!

We want to know what information you would find most valuable, so tell us;

* What type of topics interest you? * What do you want to know about BIM and content creation?* Is there anything about what we do at bimstore that you would like to learn more about?

BIM for Manufacturers

If you’re a manufacturer, what do you want to see that would help you understand more about the benefits of BIM adoption?

As part of the construction industry, you will no doubt have heard a lot about BIM, but do you understand it and what it can do for your business? Let us know what you would like to see covered from a manufacturer’s perspective.

Get in Touch

We want our webinars to be of the most value to you – our goal is to take this feedback and deliver high quality webinars that will meet your needs.

Send your feedback to us via email to or drop us a Tweet and let us know what’s important to you!

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