bimstore School proves to be a hit!

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100% of attendees would attend again.

In May, we ran our first installation to our educational channel, bimstore School. When we re-launched bimstore on 17 January 2019, we pledged to bring together a smart community and we think that providing free educational services to all members of our community certifies our commitment in doing so. bimstore would be nothing without the continuous support, participation and feedback of our community which is why we gathered their thoughts to share with you all.

When we announced our first bimstore School event, we advertised it for people of all levels of skill and over the course of a day, co-founder Adam Ward covered all aspects of content creation from beginners foundations to more advanced tips and tricks, including parametric content, as the day progressed. 

Everything was perfectly planned and organised.

We're thrilled to share that with the feedback we've received, 100% of those attendees told us they would attend bimstore School again and recommend their colleagues to attend, one person even added: "Some of our other technicians were jealous they missed out."

It was a fascinating two days, not just for those learning from us but we learnt a lot from our community, too. Seeing how our peers had different methods to us opened our eyes when it comes to the most efficient workflow and offered a fresh perspective on solving challenges. 

Whether or not our community is familiar with using Revit, our goal wasn't just to educate from the ground up. We found that those who attended bimstore School had, at some stage, a lack of knowledge whether they were a complete beginner or just needing to fill in the blanks. What we're seeing is that this gap isn't just within our community but widely acknowledged across the industry, too. One person commented:

"There is an industry shortage of family creation skills amongst most Revit users and this training can be important to help people to upskill."




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