bimstore objects dominate the front cover of this month's AEC Magazine

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More than 120 of our BIM objects feature in a handsome collage adorning the latest issue of AEC Magazine. Click past the cut for an opportunity to count 'em.

BIM libraries like ours are put under the microscope in the September/October 2014 issue of AEC Magazine, with consulting editor Martyn Day investigating the growing appetite for a set of proper universal standards in model creation.

"Downloadable objects can reduce modelling costs and cut the total project time given that many projects require new 'familiies of parts'," writes Day.

The magazine leads opts for a collage of BIM objects to adorn its front cover - and more than 120 of those are very familiar to the team at bimstore: we host them.

Don't beieve us? Count them below. Use the right arrow to see our markings. If it's shaded in yellow, you can download it from this site.

Some were made by our content team, while others were ported to bimstore directly. The sheer number of objects associated with us is testament to the trust we've engendered among our manufacturers. Back in September, Jaga UK had some rather nice things to say about bimstore, and we'd guess that they aren't the only ones.

AEC Magazine runs a free subscription service for its magazine, which can be delivered in print or downloaded as a high-quality .pdf. Elsewhere in the current issue, the writing team preview Revit 2015 R2, and hold forth on the best, most dependable mobile apps to use in the office.

Check back later in the week by the way, for yet more objects, this time from an all-new manufacturer.

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