bimstore collaborates with Sunbelt Rentals

Sunbelt Rentals have collaborated with BIM Store to create a new range of temporary works assets for digital projects. 

Temporary works assets are an essential part of constructing, operating or demolishing real-world assets and having data about this equipment in the digital environment has become vital. As well as physical dimensions, clients need to know about operational capability, lifting and forklift points, safe working zones and environmental information such as fuel consumption, CO² output, noise pollution and light mapping.

Where clients do not have BIM capability, Sunbelt Rentals are helping with site compound and event designs, using these models to ensure that customers have the right equipment the first time, every time.


Glyn Matthews, Digital Transformation Manager, commented,

"Customers are looking for reliable data at their fingertips to help them to make more informed decisions. This enables them to manage their projects more efficiently and effectively, reducing cost, time, risk and environmental impact."


Sunbelt Rentals are working with their customers and partners to keep improving their BIM capability so that they can help them to deliver more value to their customers time and time again. Selecting the right product digitally early on in planning a project means that everyone knows what to expect.

They have also collaborated to create a series of simple animations to help customers understand the value BIM can deliver for them. 



Click Here to find out more or check out their Manufacturer Profile and BIM product range right here on bimstore! 

Alternatively, you can vist their websiteLinkedInTwitterInstagram or Facebook.


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bimstore collaborates with Sunbelt Rentals

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Sunbelt Rentals have collaborated with BIM Store to create a new range of temporary works assets for digital projects.

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