bimstore accessible in Bentley's ProjectWise Components Center

For the past year, bimstore has been working in partnership with Bentley Systems to allow specifiers to access bimstore content on ProjectWise Components Center.

Now designers and specifiers can access hundreds of thousands of bimstore components using Bentley's Cloud Service.

ProjectWise Components Center is a digital component library and catalogue management service. The service provides access to organisation and project approved content to be used in specific design applications and industries across multi-discipline project teams. The service assures the accuracy of components and their data across the asset lifestyle.

With a common, centralised source of digital components, extended project teams can more easily ensure consistency across project teams and speed up the design process.

You can add project or organisation specific components to ProjectWise Components Center to build knowledge and provide a centrally managed, accessible source of consistent digital components. This source can be shared and re-used within and across project and organisational boundaries.

We are excited about Bentley's users having access to the great content available on bimstore.

bimstore has been creating and sharing BIM content for 10 years and during this time has built a community of hundreds of thousands of designers, specifiers, and manufacturers.

Referring to the recent integration, Adam Ward, bimstore Product Director, said. “It has been great working with the Bentley team and we are delighted that our components can be shared with even more designers.”

Danielle Manning, Product Manager at Bentley Systems, continued, “We are excited about Bentley's users having access to the great content available on bimstore and believe our users will benefit greatly from the ability to easily and quickly access this content through ProjectWise Components Center.”

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