Community Content! - bimstore 4.1 is now live

bimstore 4.1 – Upload your own content to bimstore now with Community Content.

Allowing users to upload and share their own content on bimstore was always going to be a controversial move, but we think you’re going to love it, here’s why:

Designers have created extraordinary parametric content

More content types

We know that there are types of content that fall outside the realms of manufacturer specific content. Whether these are plants, trees or cars, users have historically created this content themselves. As well as this, many designers have created extraordinary parametric content that they would love to share with our community. With our bimstore 4.1 update, users can create and share content themselves, taking advantage or our powerful and intelligent platform.

Expanding our community

Community Content can be proudly displayed on the authors profile page and across their bimstore network. Like all content, users can rate and comment on all public community content and of course we will track the stats for you.

Content management possibilities

Create your own cloud based, private content library for your office!

You are in full control of any content you upload. You can add, edit or delete your content at any time. You can also choose to make your content private, creating the opportunity to have your own content management solution right here, on bimstore. If you create a private collection which stores your Community Content on bimstore, you can then invite your colleagues to collaborate on this collection with you.

So why is community content such a controversial feature for a content library? Well...

It's all about quality control and how we prevent our platform from becoming over run with generic, glitchy and poorly created user content. Many other user content libraries have a reputation for this, but we want to make sure we don’t fall into the same category.

When a user uploads their content, it will be reviewed by our expert content team. While we won’t be enforcing our bimstore bible standards on community content, we will check that the content is real BIM content, modelled suitably and not corrupt in any way.

Community content will not appear in the default bimstore search, this default is reserved for our loyal manufacturers. However, if community content is available for your search, we’ll give you the option to show it in your results. This means those who use bimstore to find and download quality manufacturer approved content can continue to do so without needing to filter through any Community Content.

bimstore Node

This is a private portal, similar to a dot.bimstore where you can create your own content management platform for your organisation, however is much more powerful and flexible.   It allows you to manage, and share all of your content from one place. 

Your bimstore Node can be private or public and any new features we add to the main platform, you can choose to have too. Upload your content directly to your Node without the need for it to be live on bimstore.  What's more, our bimstore Node's are fully customisable to your brand and you can have as few or as many of our features as you like from data management to collections.

So to create your own platform and manage your organisations BIM content, data and supply chain from one central location get in touch today about a dot.bimstore or our powerful new Node platform.




Can community content be added to collections?

Yes! This this creates further possibilities for creating private repositories for your projects, that can be shared privately within your organisation.

My organisation currently has an enterprise portal (AKA DOT.bimstore), can community content be added to a portal?

Yes, community content can be added to a bimstore portal and to selected enterprise nodes (with owner’s permission).

Is community content exposed through the bimstore API?

Yes, community content is available through the bimstore API, however like on the wesbsite, it will only be shown if explicitly requested in the API call (so nothing needs updating or changing changes for existing users or our API).

If I add my content to bimstore do I retain ownership? Can I remove it at a later date?

Yes, this is your content and by uploading to bimstore, that does not change. You’re simply granting bimstore a licence to use and distribute your content on your behalf. You can remove your content from our platform at any time.

I'm a manufacturer, can I upload my content as community content for free?

Community content is for individuals only and not intended for manufacturers to publish their objects. As part of the checking process on upload we do not allow manufacturer branded content to be uploaded as community content.

If you are a manufacturer and want to publish your content on bimstore, you can now do this for free, today.

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