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The wait is over! The latest edition of BIMCRUNCH is here, and it's packed with a range of captivating articles and insights.

Introducing the newest member of the bimstore family- office furniture manufacturer Gresham. We have an exclusive introductory piece on Gresham that you won't want to miss. This edition of BIMCRUNCH also features an exciting article on what we have been up to in Australia. Discover how we're expanding our reach and working with new manufacturers to bring more products to the market. We're also excited to share how manufacturers are doing their part to end single-use plastic in the industry. 

We bring you company updates, news, and case studies from Siderise, EGGER, Energystore, and Stelrad. Our product in focus for this edition is Glidevale Protect's New FrameSafe FR Membrane. Another interesting article in this edition is about Sunbelt Rentals' launch of their Equipment Visualiser App. Learn more about the role that bimstore technologies team played in the development of this app. And finally, our spotlighted collection for this BIMCRUNCH is our Bathroom Collection, featuring products from VADO, GROHE, and Altro Limited.

BIMCRUNCH is a great way to stay up-to-date with our valued manufacturers and the wider bimstore community. Don't miss out on this exciting edition!

Follow this link to access our newest edition of BIMCRUNCH. 

We hope you enjoy the read.

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Webinar Replay: Lifting the Lid on ISO 19650

Posted 08.05.2024

Introduction to BIM Webinar: Lifting the Lid on ISO 19650
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This webinar series was curated especially for an audience concerned with the Australian built environment. A range of industry pioneers revealed how BIM & Revit content is going to transform the world of construction there. It featured practical tips and real-life experience from knowledgeable experts. In the fourth episode of our series, hear from Anthony Harte, Director of BIM Technologies, as he lifts the lid on ISO 19650, the role it plays in the UK BIM Framework, and what the impact could be for organisations in Australia's built environment.

Wienerberger help create Himalayan habitat for Chester Zoo’s snow leopards

Posted 03.05.2024

Wienerberger and Chester Zoo

In an era where the call for wildlife conservation echoes louder than ever, innovative partnerships between corporations and conservation charities present a beacon of hope. In partnership with the globally recognised Chester Zoo, Wienerberger has played a critical role in a significant conservation effort: creating a new habitat for one of the planet's most elusive and majestic creatures, the snow leopard.

Changing Radiators? Why would you do that?

Posted 02.05.2024

Whilst radiators are being installed on a daily basis in new build homes up and down the country, the majority of radiators purchased are installed in existing homes because their owners have decided to upgrade their homes and their heating systems. And there are a host of reasons why they might do that – from needing to, to doing so because they can!