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Pete Mills from Bosch Thermotechnology Ltd talks about the benefits of BIM

Back in September 2015 we were happy to announce the arrival of Bosch Commercial and Industrial Heating, part of Bosch Thermotechnology Ltd, on bimstore. Bosch specialise in providing complete system solutions for the commercial and industrial heating sectors and their innovation, quality awareness and efficiency are the benchmarks for their product range and services.

In a new article recently posted on their website, Pete Mills, Commercial Technical Operations Manager at Bosch Commercial and Industrial Heating, talks a little about their BIM journey so far.

“Our journey towards BIM started around three years ago and involved looking into the possibilities and standards available. One of our main concerns was the availability of a standard format for presenting data and making sure our investment in BIM was not wasted. It was clear from our involvement in workshops and working groups that we needed to get behind our industry bodies and trade associations to support them, in order to make consistent BIM modelling a reality and a success.”

“Most recently, PDTs have begun to be published so that manufacturers can produce their own product data sheets (PDS) for their individual product ranges. These data sheets are now a key resource for those involved in the design, planning, and specification of new buildings.”

Shortly after Bosch joined us they increased their BIM offering with the first freely-distributed boiler BIM objects to be fully PDT-compliant. This BIM content also happened to be the first PDT-compliant objects to be listed here on bimstore so we were pretty excited about that release back in October.

The full article is available over on the Bosch Commercial and Industrial Heating website and is definitely worth a read for a manufacturer’s perspective on BIM. In the meantime, why not check out the full range of BIM objects currently available from Bosch, hosted here on bimstore!

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