BBC make use of recyclable pavilion

  • Recyclable pavilion used by the BBC

BBC Studios are utilising a two-storey pavilion which can be dismantled, re-used and then recycled at the end of its life.

The structure, which was commissioned for the MIPCOM trade show in Cannes, was designed by Universal Design Studio and Giles Miller Studio.

"We created an iconic temporary structure that can be reutilised for initially three years with the opportunity for it to travel globally to any other relevant event for the BBC," said Richard Ryan, associate director of Universal Design Studio.

The structure can be assembled and dismantled within six days and is made entirely from recyclable materials.

"The structure itself should also be recycled at the point of its end use. Outside of these parameters, the aim was to create a structure that enabled the BBC to host, sell and entertain,” said Ryan.

the aim was to create a structure that enabled the BBC to host, sell and entertain

The size of the building was designed to incorporate the BBC’s requirements at the trade show for a combination of private and public meeting rooms along with a flexible event space. The main event space on the first floor faces out and provides a view of the Mediterranean Sea.

Other features of the pavilion include thousands of aluminium louvres which make up the façade, designed to evoke a "large-scale organic structure" and theatre curtain.A palette of neutral materials was selected by Universal Design to provide a better acoustic environment as well as to form a “quiet” background for the presentation of BBC-made content.

Recent examples of projects of this kind are the reusable pavilion in Utrecht, designed by Overtreders W and The Cork Studio - a building prototype that can be completely recycled, reused or composted, designed by Studio Bark.

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