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BBA has partnered with bimstore, the UK’s leading BIM object and components library, to offer a total BIM modelling solution to manufacturers who are BBA Agrément holders.

North-East technology and innovation specialists bimstore partners with BBA to offer manufacturers a total solution for BIM objects

BBA has partnered with bimstore, the UK’s leading BIM object and components library, to offer a total BIM modelling solution to manufacturers who are BBA Agrément holders.

In the latest development for bimstore, we can now offer an unrivalled package for manufacturers looking to digitise their products for use in the BIM world.

For the past year, bimstore and the BBA have been collaborating on ensuring that the BBA certification of building products are available within digital building models.

The BBA certification scheme has been in operation since the 1960’s where even then, the importance of construction product approval was recognised. But, we are now in a digital world, and construction products need to adapt to what specifiers need; approved products, and those that are data-rich.

As part of the bimstore and BBA collaboration, manufacturers can send their products to the BBA who will check that the data contained in the product matches the BBA certification. These objects are then hosted on bimstore and the BBA website.

The BBA BIM Object Assurance combined with a BBA Agrément Certificate puts everything that a specifier needs in one place. BBA and bimstore will even work together so that clients who don’t already have a BIM object can now have one created at their initial stages of BIM adoption, before their product’s specification details are validated for BBA BIM Assurance.

Having a BBA BIM Object Assurance demonstrates to specifiers, modellers and sub-contractors that they are of the quality required. The BBA BIM Object Assurance Scheme addresses and resolves the risk associated with poor BIM object information quality and provides professional and independent data validation on key product specification areas.

The benefits of our partnership with the BBA are clear. Not only will bimstore develop your BIM objects, but you’ll have the stamp of approval to prove to specifiers that by choosing your product, they will have all the necessary data (reviewed and updated) to see a project through its entire lifecycle.

These capabilities are now up and running on bimstore which is great news for BBA clients who want an all-in-one approach to getting their product to market with the best possible visibility in one place.

Rob Charlton, chief executive of Space Group, said:

"Being part of this scheme allows us to further support manufacturers and enhance the BIM object assurance offered by the BBA. It is essential that digital components match the performance of an object in operation stages, and through this scheme, the BBA can provide additional assurances to specifiers and designers on the quality of manufacturer objects. With our support, manufacturers can produce accurate product data and geometry to create their BIM objects."

For more information, please visit the bimstore website here:

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