AMS - MU800 Hi Curtain Wall System


Our mullion drained curtain wall system is tested to all the latest BS, EN and CWCT standards. MU800Hi is available in a wide range of mullion and transom combinations offering greater design flexibility while ensuring structural integrity. The system can be zone drained through the use of our unique engineered products which is particularly suited for high-rise applications.

Glazing options for MU800Hi range from 28 to 54 mm in depth which greatly enhances the thermal performance of a façade.

The MU800 Hi curtain walling system is suitable for both vertical and sloped glazing applications and is designed to exceed the latest thermal and structural requirements of the building regulations.

It is designed to exacting standards ensuring quality, strength and durability providing for many years of aesthetic, sustainable and trouble-free performance. The clever design allows for seamless integration of all our window and door systems.

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